Brickz - Natural Soil Improver

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Using biomass residues to produce a fertiliser, which is then used to grow trees, and will, over time, improve soil quality, has led to significant financial savings for nature conservation organisations and tree nurseries.

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Project summary: 

Brickz is a fertiliser in block form, made from local and regional biomass materials (river sediment, turf and grass clippings), which are naturally rich in organic matter and spore elements. It is actively enriched with healthy soil fungi, mycorrhiza and nematodes which help to make Brickz a sustainable alternative to artificial fertilisers. Brickz also helps store carbon for decades, because residue material is used by trees.
The objective of this EIP-AGRI Operational Group is to create a new cooperation between nature conservation organisations and tree nurseries. Previously, nature conservation organisations only purchased trees from tree nurseries. Now they also deliver them material for natural soil improvement. By avoiding disposal costs (typically EUR 50 per tonne) the organisations save money which can be used for other conservation purposes. In turn, nature conservation organisations then buy trees from tree nurseries that have used Brickz, and in this way create a closed nutrient circle.

Project results: 

By avoiding biomass disposal costs, nature conservation organisations have saved approximately EUR 2 000 000 over the past two years. 
Brickz are now being manufactured and sold for EUR 200 per tonne. Considerable growth across The Netherlands is anticipated. 
The use of Brickz will lead to higher yields for tree nurseries, partly because fewer trees will die due to the May-beetle grub.