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Young Professionals for Europe - new answers for rural areas

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Young Professionals for Europe - new answers for rural areas
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Rural regions in Europe often share a common challenge: Young people - especially women - leave the country for (big) cities to find higher-skilled jobs or better education there. The LEADER region Eisenstraße Niederösterreich is struggling with this negative demographic spiral, but since 2015 it is responding to this trend with a concrete answer. The goal is to maintain lasting and positive communication with young people, even if they leave the region in the meantime.

In this project, we want to find different European responses to the challenge of emigration in rural areas - in the labor market, housing market and communications / social affairs. The project partners each develop their own strategies and in the project they learn from each other.

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Concrete project measures:
• Labor market: Participation in national and international job and training fairs to present the potential of each region
• recruiting initiatives and exchanges of professionals among the project partners or with other European regions
• Establishment of a regional platform for job opportunities for new young citizens
• Creation of a regional platform for housing opportunities for new young citizens
• Conducting a symposium on "Young people's depoluation - new responses from European rural areas"
• Regional marketing campaigns against depopulation
• Build up permanent demographics monitoring using new media/online dashboards
• Setting up a contact point in a major national city to stay in touch with young citizens who have left the region


*The project partners have developed different platform solutions that represent job and housing opportunities for the target group of new young citizens.
*The project partners organized an event in each country on the topic of depoluation in rural areas
*The project partners have successfully carried out communication campaigns for a new image of rural areas
*The project partners have a common demographic dashboard in which key demographic, economic and social performance indicators can be compared.
*The project partners have carried out various pilot actions in major cities to draw attention to rural areas - eg participation in job fairs, setting up a contact point
*The project partners have developed measures to specifically address young professionals in and outside the region