NRN Toolkit

National Rural Networks (NRNs) operate in each EU Member State to support and enhance rural development objectives as defined in the Rural Development Programmes (RDPs). NRNs enable and facilitate exchange and learning between all the partners involved in Rural Development policy implementation: public authorities, economic and social partners, and the relevant bodies representing civil society.

Find below a range of materials gathered in an ‘NRN Toolkit’ intended to assist Network Support Units (NSUs) in achieving the key NRN objectives and tasks. The resources largely build on existing NRN experience and include methodological good practices, relevant documents and outputs from events, and articles in ENRD publications.

The toolkit is searchable by main NRN objective or task, as well as by operational aspects such as NRN set-up, functioning, and self-assessment.


Running the NRNs






NRN Objectives






NRN Tasks









For additional information on NRNs, see the following pages:

  • NRN Profiles: summary information on the structure and functioning of NRNs and NSUs;
  • NRN Mapping Reports: synthetic information on the state-of-play and activities of NRNs and NSUs;
  • Network Self-Assessment: overview and useful resources on NRN self-assessment approaches and activities.


Lessons from 2007-2013 

The ‘NRN Guidebook’ is a ‘one-stop-shop’ bringing together all the relevant networking resources developed by the ENRD Contact Point in 2007-2013 programming period.