NRN Toolkit

Total results: 11.

The meeting addressed digital methods of exchange and dissemination, efficient online communication, and ways of targeting specific stakeholders. 

The 17th NRN meeting took the form of a webinar and focused on the topics of network governance and the image of rural areas. 

The twelfth meeting of the European Rural Networks’ Steering Group (SG) exchanged on the CAP Reform and provided an update to participants.

The meeting provided an update on planned and forthcoming rural networks’ activities and SG members exchanged on draft outcomes of the self- assessment of the Rural Networks.

The ENRD Contact Point organised a workshop on ‘Stakeholder involvement: Monitoring Committees and the Partnership Principle'. This attracted a large proportion of national CAP-related authorities and representatives of stakeholder organisations who had not previously attended ENRD events. Such interest from ‘new’ ENRD stakeholders demonstrates the value of the information about CAP programming that continues to be discussed and networked through the ENRD.

The 15th NRNs’ meeting – co-organised with the French Rural Network support unit – explored the development and connection of territorial strategies used; and provided space for discussion and an update on themes proposed by NSUs. Participants exchanged on methods used in facilitating stakeholder participation in NRN activities. 

The event took place in Poitiers, France, on 19 September, followed by a meeting of the French Regional Rural Networks and a field trip to French EAFRD co-funded projects on the 20 September.

This 'How to' section provides guidance on National Rural Network (NRN) operation, including financial and human resources, core skills and roles within an NRN support unit, coordination and transparency.