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The seventh meeting of the European Rural Networks’ Assembly Sub-group on LEADER/CLLD  discussed the state-of-play of proposals relating to LEADER/CLLD in the post-2020 CAP Strategic Plans. An update on the progress of LEADER implementation was also given.

This Thematic Lab explored the role of LEADER and LEADER local action groups in providing effective responses to the challenges related to youth and depopulation in local rural territories in the EU in the current and future programming periods.

Although the event was cancelled due to the risks related to the Coronavirus outbreak, some presentations and case studies prepared for this event are now available on this page.

LEADER is one of the longest standing, most successful and popular European-wide initiatives.

This EU Rural Review explores how the seven LEADER principles are interpreted today by people who have been deeply involved with implementing LEADER in rural communities across Europe.


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The MOAM is an example of voluntary networking co-funded by LEADER to develop and support changes in public policy and consumer attitudes.

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The LINC is a is an annual European conference promoting innovative exchanging of experience and networking between rural regions in Europe. The event is an initiative from LAGs and National Network Units for rural development in Austria, Germany, Estonia...

This 'How to' section provides guidance on training and networking activities for Local Action Groups (LAGs).

This workshop identified practical solutions for simplifying LEADER/CLLD implementation in the current programming period, as well as simplification priorities for the future.

This presentation from an ENRD workshop on LEADER simplification overviews the main findings of a major survey among Local Action Groups (LAGs) carried out by the ENRD Contact Point at the end of...