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LAG details

Yablanitsa, 3 Vazrajdane sq.
Ivelin Yoshev
003596991 2814, 00359879 217536
English, Bulgarian
LAG Yablanitsa-Pravets is located in the central part of the Predbalkan region and is a combination of valley, river- valley, hilly and mountainous terrain. The LAG territory represents 0.47% of the country. The municipality of Yablanitsa is 4.96% of the territory of Lovech district and Pravets Municipality is 4.6% of the territory of Sofia district. There is an abundance of very fertile soils suitable for agricultural activities. The absence of large-scale industrial activities has contributed to the preservation of the natural resources and the territory has a high degree of environmental cleanliness , preserving ecosystems and unique rural landscape.
Main priorities: Development of competitive agriculture through modernization, innovation and promotion of eco-industries Improving the environment and quality of life within the LAG Diversification of the employment opportunities and increase the income of the population Improving the local organizational and administrative capacity and creating conditions for sustainable development of the territory
522 km2
Yablanitsa and Pravets (including 2 towns and 18 villages)
13 695 inhabitants
3 105 492,40 BGN