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LAG details

2 Tocho Voivoda str., fl.2
Violeta Stavrova
00359 9554 21 40
00359 9554 21 38, 00359 879 531 898
English, Bulgarian
The territory of the LAG is located in the northern part of the West Balkans. The area is troubled by a number of structural problems but on the other hand Western Balkan Mountain has preserved areas unaffected by human activity. It has been proposed for a nature park. The area is a place with ornithological and botanical significance and covers the criteria of the Natura 2000 with ease. Besides its impressive natural resources, the region attracts with its celebration and ritual system, which is specific to the population in Northern Bulgaria. Authentic crafts have been practiced, such as carpets making (Chiprovtsi carpets are famous for their unique mixture of color and design), producing wooden objects with high art value (made from variety of woods obtained in the region), etc.
The main objective of the LDS is to overcome the economic decline and the depolution of the area by creating Š¾pportunities for sustainable economic development on the territory of the LAG, bringing people together for the implementation of projects by implementation of the LEADER approach, providing social, environmental, health and economic benefits to the residents of the LAG. Objective 1: To increase economic growth and reduce unemployment by creating a favorable investment climate for agriculture, processing of local food and products, tourism and micro enterprises; Objective 2: To improve the living environment by preserving and protecting the environment, access and quality of the services and strengthening local identity; Objective 3: To increase local capacity and quality of human
1 044.86
Chiprovtsi, George Damyanovo, Chuprene and 8 villages of municipality of Berkovitsa
10,43 inhabitants per km2
1 397 019.20 euro