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Los Camins Numerics – The Digital Paths : Heritage, mobility and new uses of ICT
Three issues lead our LAG to plan to promote our region new tools: - An experimental project with fibre optic equipment in rural areas, allowing access to very high speed broadband; - The affirmation of the tourism in mobility, from smartphones; - The issue of opening public data (opendata) following the European Inspire directive. Cooperation would provide us a real added value. It will make it possible to have means and initiatives in common and to move forward together to respond to these challenges, new to rural areas.
The LAG Pays du Grand Bergeracois is a rural region (105,000 inhabitants - 50 inhabitants /km²) located in south-west France (Dordogne / Aquitaine). It has developed a strategy for the dissemination of ICT tools: - In the field of tourism: in particular from an efficient internet portal; - For citizens’ internet uses: in particular to make efficient relationships between local communities and the constituents.
The project has the following objectives: - Imagine and achieve together new forms of development of our natural and cultural resources by Internet. Including smartphone applications, developing innovative media discovery of the region for tourists; - Present public data, in order to promote citizen information and its adoption by the inhabitants; - Prepare for the installation of very high speed broadband: imagine/plan and promote all the new uses created by this service.
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 If you are interested in this offer, please contact Pays du Grand Bergeracois - YOUENN HUON