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NSU Training Programme Module 4: Network Resource Planning

13 September, Gdansk, Poland

The training activity was kindly hosted by the Polish Rural Network in Gdansk and organised back-to-back with the 19th NRN Meeting.

The theme of the training day was Network Resource Planning – a highly relevant subject as work continues in the Member States on preparation of the Rural Development Programmes for 2014-2020, including consideration of the structures and operational set-ups that will be used to deliver the expanded and strengthened role of the National Rural Networks in the next programming period.

A total of around 60 people participated in the training from 24 networks, including the ENRD, 20 national networks and 3 regional networks.


  • Training programme and exercise [PDF ]


  • Training Module 4 Report including expert tips on planning identified by participants [PDF ]
  • Summary of feedback on further needs [PDF ]

Additional resources

Relevant presentations on regulatory framework and future guidance on NRN set up

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