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NSU Training Programme

Peer-to-peer training: Initial phase (Year 5)

A wealth of knowledge and practical experience has been generated since the first EAFRD-financed National Rural Networks (NRNs) became operational in early 2007. There have been many network success stories - and a few failures too. Important lessons have been learnt about the use of networking as a rural development policy tool and these should be capitalised upon to enhance the management and operation of networks in the 2014-2020 programming period.

A Pilot NSU Training Programme was therefore organised by the ENRD Contact Point during January – June 2013 to initiate a process of peer-to-peer learning and exchange to help build the capacity of the Network Support Units (NSUs) to effectively perform their tasks and activities.

Peer-to-peer learning and exchange involves acquiring knowledge, skills and experience through the active process of help and support within a group of equals from a similar social / professional context. The process and training activities are supported by a facilitator whose function is to help the participants move through a variety of activities and learning experiences.

Three Pilot NRN Training Modules were organised to test the approach and the needs of NRNs to engage in further capacity building activities. For details of each module click on the links below:

An evaluation of the Pilot NSU Training Programme [PDF] was conducted in July, 2013. According to the evaluation of the Pilot NSU Training Programme, the peer-to-peer training modules were highly successful, and there was overwhelming support from the NSUs for similar activities to continue. Based on this feedback the training modules continued from September 2013. Further details on the newly launched training modules can be found by clicking the links below:

Peer-to-peer training: Year 6

A Peer-to-Peer Training Programme [PDF] was developed for Year 6. The overall aim of this programme is to help enhancing the management and operation of national and regional rural networks through capitalising on the networking experience, skills and knowledge accumulated within ENRD and national/regional networks. Among others, the programme describes how the 'peer-to-peer training' activity will be continued during Year 6 (based on experience accumulated during Year 5). Detailed information about the Year 6 training modules can be accessed through the links below.

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