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Lessons from the NRNs

Cooperation and joint actions

The networking activities delivered under the previous five steps help to build the confidence of stakeholders and so encourages them to work with other stakeholders from their own network or from networks in other countries. To facilitate this, the network provides stakeholders with the opportunity to meet potential partners, discuss shared ideas, and develop cooperative projects.

For more examples of how NRNs have supported people, groups and organisations to identify potential partners, develop ideas together and work collectively to deliver joint projects, see the case studies below and the relevant experiences here.

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Case Study: Cooperation at the international agricultural and food fair - Slovakia

Every summer, the international agricultural and food fair, Agrokomplex, takes place in Nitra, Slovakia. In 2011, the National Rural Network of the Slovak Republic organised an exhibition area at the fair, which included Local Action Groups from other Member States.

The aim of the exhibition was to present the work of the NRN and the implementation of the LEADER approach in Slovakia, to promote traditional regional products and folk traditions, and to facilitate a discussion about the future of the Slovakian countryside. The exhibition was also an excellent opportunity to develop new contacts, share good practice, search for inspiration through partnership between NRNs and LAGs from other countries, and develop inter-territorial or transnational cooperation projects.

An exhibition area of 385m2 was created, where LAGs from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland had a chance to create new or strengthen already established partnerships.

To attract the attention of visitors, and to emphasise the unique nature and traditions of rural areas, the tasting of regional products and presentations of traditional craft works, skills and folk traditions were part of the daily programme. A special part of this cultural activity was a fashion show of traditional folk costumes, which proved very popular with visitors.

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