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Setting-up the Network

Developing the strategic framework and intervention logic

The obligatory establishment of NRNs during the 2007-2103 EAFRD programming period was a steep learning curve for many Member States that was not helped by a lack of guidance on how to set-up networks and network support units (NSUs) and make them operational.

Nonetheless, many good practices were developed by the NSUs – including the establishment of some clear strategic frameworks and the use of intervention logic for the delivery and evaluation of network services. Further discussion is beyond the scope of this Tool-kit, but relevant materials can be found in the NRN self-assessment section under ‘Practical Tools for NRN Self-assessment’.

Resources and Further Reading

“Capacity building for National Rural Networks” (March 2009)
Establishment and Development of National Rural Networks in Candidate Countries (November 2010)
16th NRN meeting in Cyprus (October 2012)

Several examples of NRN intervention logics can also be found be in the NRN Self-Assessment Toolkit.

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