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NSU Training Programme Module 5: Communication as a Horizontal NSU Activity

29 November, Dijon, France

The training activity was kindly hosted by the French Rural Network in Dijon and focused on the theme ‘Communication as a Horizontal NSU Activity’.

Communication has been one of the most important tasks of NSUs during the current programming period, and the NRN role in communicating about rural development will be reinforced in the 2014-2020 programming period. NRNs will be asked to consider communication as a horizontal activity cutting across several other tasks (rather than a stand-alone activity).

The Peer-to-Peer Module 5 aimed, through the use of an interactive method, at identifying and discussing the most important challenges of NSU´s communication activities. Through the use of a participatory and innovative method, the “Communication-card method”, participants were involved in active exchange on challenges and solutions to horizontal communication issues.

The training activity was organised back-to-back with the 20th NRN Meeting where around 72 people participated, from 18 National Rural Networks, 12 Regional Networks from France, 4 LAGs, and representatives from DG AGRI, the European LEADER Association for Rural Development (ELARD). A great part of the NRN Meeting participants took part also to the training activity.


  • Training programme [PDF]
  • Guidance on the ‘Cards Method’ [PDF]
  • Appendices 1 - ENRD CP ‘Communication Challenge cards’ [PDF]
  • Appendices 2 - ENRD CP ‘Communication Solution cards’ [PDF]
  • Appendices 3 - ENRD CP ‘Communication Action cards’ [PDF]
  • Appendices 4 - ENRD CP Sources for ‘Communication Solution cards’ [PDF]


  • Training Module 5 Report [PDF]

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