Upscaling a confectionary and patisserie workshop in rural Romania

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Financed by the Romanian rural development programme, a small patisserie and confectionary workshop upscaled its business by constructing a new building to increase its production capacity and offer utility areas to customers.

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Project summary: 

Out of passion for culinary art, three women started a small family patisserie and confectionary workshop. Despite its small scale and limited rural market the business became more and more successful. As the old workshop did not allow to meet EU standards and increase production capacity, RDP support contributed to build and equip a new workshop. RDP support was used to build a two-level building of 669.13 sqm. The building had spaces for confectionery and pastry production, areas for presentation and sales. Financing was also used to purchase and install the lighting system, fat separator, mini-station for water softening, air treatment system and a valve convector for recirculating the air; central heating; a cooler and a boiler.

Project results: 

In 2015, the confectionery turnover reached one million lei (about 250 000 Euro).

The turnover of the workshop was 828 000 lei in 2014. This was 32% more than in 2013e and 127% higher than in the first year of activity in 2012.

The confectionery currently has 9 full time employees.