Setting up an environmentally friendly fruit juice production plant

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Setting up a fruit juice processing plant that operates with renewable energy.

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Project summary: 

A family business that produces and sells vegetable and fruit products directly to consumers, wanted to expand their product range by building a fruit juice plant that would operate with renewable energy. Improved production would enable them to sell the processed products at a higher price and take advantage of increasing market demand. 

RDP support facilitated the construction of a fruit processing plant with a solar panel system. The system can provide sufficient electricity for the operation of the fruit juice production and packing lines, as well as for the general needs of the plant.

Project results: 

Construction of a fruit processing plant and installation of a solar panel system.

Recruitment of 1 full-time staff member.

Production of value-added products that are sold at a higher price, thus generating higher business revenue.

Replacement of outsourced production by own small-scale plant, thus reducing production costs in the long run.

Using renewable energy to operate the small plant, thus reducing the environmental impact of the processing activity.