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Rural Development Policy Overview

EU Framework

The EU policy framework for rural development can be divided into four levels, namely: (i) European strategic guidelines; (ii) National strategies; (iii) Programmes ; and (iv) Detailed implementation by thematic axis and measure. This structure provides a common framework for individual Member State planning and programming, guided by the EU Strategic Guidelines. The aim is that, within the common EU guidelines, Member States and where appropriate regions, develop plans which are tailored to the meet their own specificities and challenges. The framework includes planning documents at each level which articulate rural development strategic priorities, detailed programmes and individual rural development measures selected to respond to the rural development needs in a specific country and/or region. Access more detailed information on the different levels using the links below.

  1. EU Strategic Guidelines for Rural Development
  2. National Strategy Plans for Rural Development
  3. National or Regional Rural Development Programmes
  4. Programme implementation, monitoring and evaluation

EU Framework EU Strategic Guidelines for Rural Development National Strategies National and Regional Programmes Programme Implementation

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