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Improving Implementation

Topic based analytical work of the ENRD


Improving the implementation of EU rural development policy is the core of the ENRD’s mission. One of the main ways that this is done is through the conduct of analytical work designed to:

  • increase understanding of how the policy works in practice;
  • assess what works well and what can be improved, and;
  • provide insights to inform decision making in Member States and at the European level.

The ENRD’s analytical work is undertaken using a number of different vehicles. These include:

  • Thematic Working Groups of the ENRD
  • Focus Groups of the ENRD Coordination committee and LEADER Subcommittee
  • NRN Joint thematic initiatives
  • Working papers developed specifically for ENRD thematic events
  • Regular analytical work on RDP implementation 

The topics analysed can broadly be divided into three groups

  1. Cross-current or horizontal topics related to broad implementation issues
  2. Thematic topics
  3. RDPs and their measures

Cross cutting or horizontal topics

  • Rural typologies and targeting. To see more click here.
  • Links between agriculture and the wider rural economy. To see more click here.
  • Delivery mechanisms of EU Rural Development Policy. To see more click here.

Thematic Topics

The following themes are those which the ENRD has already focused on or which are currently the subject of analytical work.

  • Agriculture
    • Small Farms
    • Semi Subsistence Farms
    • Mountain Farming
  • Environment
    • Climate change
    • Environmental Services
  • Public Goods
  • Entrepreneurship
    • Rural Entrepreneurship
    • Rural Finance
  • Youth & Young Farmers
  • Local Food and Short Supply Chains
  • Forestry
  • ICT
  • Rural-Urban Linkages
  • Social Aspects
    • Social Farming
    • Social Inclusion and Rural Poverty
  • Community-led Local Development
  • Knowledge Transfer & Innovation

For more information on any of the above themes click here.

Regular Analytical work on RDPs and their Measures

For more information on progress in the form of Info Sheets by measure and by RDP and Member State, click here.

Other relevant documents

The findings of the ENRDs analytical work and thematic activities are made available through specific forums, utilised in ENRD publications and other dissemination mechanisms.

To see more about ENRD publications click here.