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NRN Thematic Cluster on CLLD

Working Group 1: Exchange on CLLD practices

During the 2nd Cluster Meeting in Dijon (27 November 2013) Working Group 1 (a CLLD Exchange Platform) was set up. It was decided that an online platform would be set up in order to assist the exchange among Managing Authorities (MA) and Paying Agencies (PA) with regard to the planning and implementation of CLLD.

Although the CLLD approach strongly builds on previous LEADER experience, it has many new elements; among others, the possibility to finance CLLD through multiple funds (i.e. not only EAFRD). While the new CLLD approach creates many new opportunities, it also raises a number of questions. The aim of the exchange platform is to answer these, through knowldege sharing and discussion , primarily among MAs and PAs (but also other interested stakeholders).

The CLLD on-line exchange platform was launched on 12 February 2014. Members ‘invited’ to the platform (that is accessible through MyENRD Forums) can participate and contribute to the discussion on CLLD. If you are interested in being a member of this exchange platform please send us an email.