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NRN Thematic Cluster on CLLD

"...a tool involving citizens at local level to develop responses to the social, environmental and economic challenges..."

The European Commission’s Common Guidance on CLLD issued on the 29 April 2013 states that:

“Community-Led Local Development (CLLD) is a tool to involve citizens at local level in developing responses to the social, environmental and economic challenges we face today. CLLD is an approach that requires time and effort, but for relatively small financial investments, it can have a marked impact on people’s lives and generate new ideas and the shared commitment for putting these into practice.”

The NRN thematic cluster on CLLD is led and coordinated by the Hungarian National Rural Network (HNRN). As an NRN thematic initiative, the CLLD cluster is primarily an exchange forum for National Rural Networks (NRNs). However, due to the large interest in the CLLD approach, the cluster was opened to other stakeholders, such as Managing Authorities, Paying Agencies and LAGs. Further details about the objectives, proposed methodology and planned activities of the CLLD thematic cluster were described in the CLLD Cluster working document of May 2013 [PDF en].

The CLLD cluster aims to:

  • enhance cooperation and exchange of experience among key stakeholders;
  • help to concentrate and economise the efforts of networks (and avoid duplication of work) in understanding the possible forms and operation of CLLD (e.g. through joint surveys);
  • produce practical tools and guidance that can assist NRNs and other key stakeholders with CLLD implementation; and
  • articulate the needs and information gaps in view to inform the development process of the CLLD Guidelines and other strategic documents.

The CLLD cluster was launched during the 18th NRN Meeting, held in Tomar, Portugal on the 6 June 2013 (see further information under the CLLD Cluster Meetings tab).

A mapping report [PDF en] was compiled in June 2013 in preparation for the launch of the CLLD NRN Thematic Cluster, describing the state-of-play of CLLD implementation in Member States at the time. The report was updated in December 2013 based on a new survey and additional research. [PDF en]

For more information on CLLD and relevant documents please visit the CLLD Thematic webpage of ENRD