RDP Summaries

This page presents a summary of each of the Rural Development Programmes (RDPs) through which the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) will provide support in the programming period 2014-2020.

The RDP summaries aim to provide an accessible synthesis of selected RDP content. The information provided should not be considered a comprehensive account of the original RDP content.

All data and the figures presented in the summaries come from the approved versions of the 2014-2020 RDPs and from DG AGRI’s ‘Factsheets on 2014-2020 Rural Development Programmes’. For a full overview of the approved documents for each Member State, visit DG AGRI Rural development 2014-2020: Country files.

To see the ENRD overviews of the ESI Funds Partnership Agreements, click here.


Country / Region ENRD RDP


Date of RDP approval
Austria [PDF ] Factsheet 12/12/2014
  Flanders [PDF] Factsheet 13/02/2015
  Wallonia [PDF] Factsheet 20/06/2015
Bulgaria [PDF] Factsheet 26/05/2015
Croatia [PDF] Factsheet 26/05/2015
Cyprus [PDF] Factsheet 03/12/2015
Czech Republic [PDF] Factsheet 26/05/2015
Denmark [PDF] Factsheet 12/12/2014
Estonia [PDF] Factsheet 13/02/2015
  Mainland [PDF] Factsheet 12/12/2014
  Region of Åland [PDF] Factsheet 13/02/2015
France [PDF] Factsheet 13/02/2015
  Alsace [PDF] Factsheet 23/10/2015
  Aquitaine [PDF] Factsheet 07/08/2015
  Auvergne [PDF] Factsheet 28/07/2015
  Basse-Normandie [PDF] Factsheet 25/08/2015
  Burgundy [PDF] Factsheet 07/08/2015
  Bretagne [PDF] Factsheet 07/08/2015
  Centre - Val de Loire [PDF] Factsheet 07/10/2015
  Champagne-Ardenne [PDF] Factsheet 30/10/2015
  Franche-Comté [PDF] Factsheet 17/09/2015
  Haute-Normandie [PDF] Factsheet 24/11/2015
  Île-de-France [PDF] Factsheet 07/08/2015
  Languedoc-Roussillon [PDF] Factsheet 14/09/2015
  Limousin [PDF] Factsheet 24/11/2015
  Lorraine [PDF] Factsheet 24/11/2015
  Midi-Pyrénées [PDF] Factsheet 17/09/2015
  Nord-Pas de Calais [PDF] Factsheet 14/09/2015
  Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur [PDF] Factsheet 13/08/2015
  Pays de la Loire [PDF] Factsheet 28/08/2015
  Picardie [PDF] Factsheet 24/11/2015
  Poitou-Charentes [PDF] Factsheet 17/09/2015
  Rhône-Alpes [PDF] Factsheet 17/09/2015
  Corsica [PDF] Factsheet 06/10/2015
  Guadeloupe [PDF] Factsheet 17/11/2015
  Guyana [PDF] Factsheet 24/11/2015
  Martinique [PDF] Factsheet 17/11/2015
  Mayotte [PDF] Factsheet 13/02/2015
  Réunion [PDF] Factsheet 25/08/2015
  Baden-Württemberg [PDF] Factsheet 26/05/2015
  Bayern [PDF] Factsheet 13/02/2015
  Brandenburg and Berlin [PDF] Factsheet 26/05/2015
  Hessen [PDF] Factsheet 13/02/2015
  Mecklenburg-Vorpommern [PDF] Factsheet 13/02/2015
  Lower Saxony and Bremen [PDF] Factsheet 26/05/2015
  North Rhine-Westfalia [PDF] Factsheet 13/02/2015
  Rhineland-Palatine [PDF] Factsheet 26/05/2015
  Saarland [PDF] Factsheet 26/05/2015
  Saxony [PDF] Factsheet 13/12/2014
  Saxony-Anhalt [PDF] Factsheet 13/12/2014
  Schleswig-Holstein [PDF] Factsheet 26/05/2015
  Thuringia [PDF] Factsheet 26/05/2015
Greece [PDF] Factsheet 11/12/2015
Hungary [PDF] Factsheet 10/08/2015
Ireland [PDF] Factsheet 26/05/2015
Italy [PDF] Factsheet 20/11/2015
  Abruzzo [PDF] Factsheet 13/11/2015
  Basilicata [PDF] Factsheet 20/11/2015
  Bolzano [PDF] Factsheet 26/05/2015
  Calabria [PDF] Factsheet 20/11/2015
  Campania [PDF] Factsheet 20/11/2015
  Emilia-Romagna [PDF] Factsheet 26/05/2015
  Friuli Venezia Giulia [PDF] Factsheet 24/09/2015
  Lazio [PDF] Factsheet 17/11/2015
  Liguria [PDF] Factsheet 06/11/2015
  Lombardia [PDF] Factsheet 15/07/2015
  Marche [PDF] Factsheet 28/07/2015
  Molise [PDF] Factsheet 02/07/2015
  Piemonte [PDF] Factsheet 28/10/2015
  Puglia [PDF] Factsheet 24/11/2015
  Sardinia [PDF] Factsheet 19/08/2015
  Sicily [PDF] Factsheet 24/11/2015
  Tuscany [PDF] Factsheet 26/05/2015
  Trento [PDF] Factsheet 03/08/2015
  Umbria [PDF] Factsheet 12/06/2015
  Valle d'Aosta [PDF] Factsheet 11/11/2015
  Veneto [PDF] Factsheet 26/05/2015
Latvia [PDF] Factsheet 13/02/2015
Lithuania [PDF] Factsheet 13/02/2015
Luxembourg [PDF] Factsheet 01/07/2015
Malta [PDF] Factsheet 24/11/2015
The Netherlands [PDF] Factsheet 13/02/2015
Poland [PDF] Factsheet 12/12/2014
  Mainland [PDF] Factsheet 12/12/2014
  Azores [PDF] Factsheet 13/02/2015
  Madeira [PDF] Factsheet 13/02/2015
Romania [PDF] Factsheet 26/05/2015
Slovakia [PDF] Factsheet 13/02/2015
Slovenia [PDF] Factsheet 13/02/2015
Spain [PDF] Factsheet 26/05/2015
  Andalucia [PDF] Factsheet 10/08/2015
  Aragon [PDF] Factsheet 26/05/2015
  Asturias [PDF] Factsheet 03/08/2015
  Balearic Islands [PDF] Factsheet 18/11/2015
  Canary Islands [PDF] Factsheet 25/08/2015
  Cantabria [PDF] Factsheet 20/07/2015
  Castilla La Mancha [PDF] Factsheet 30/10/2015
  Castilla y León [PDF] Factsheet 25/08/2015
  Cataluña [PDF] Factsheet 28/07/2015
  Extremadura [PDF] Factsheet 18/11/2015
  Galicia [PDF] Factsheet 18/11/2015
  La Rioja [PDF] Factsheet 26/05/2015
  Madrid [PDF] Factsheet 18/11/2015
  Murcia [PDF] Factsheet 03/07/2015
  Navarra [PDF] Factsheet 18/11/2015
  Basque Country [PDF] Factsheet 26/05/2015
  Valencia [PDF] Factsheet 28/07/2015
Sweden [PDF] Factsheet 26/05/2015
  England [PDF] Factsheet 13/02/2015
  Northern Ireland [PDF] Factsheet 25/08/2015
  Scotland [PDF] Factsheet 26/05/2015
  Wales [PDF] Factsheet 26/05/2015