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Multifunctional Centre Tollebeek


The construction of a multipurpose centre in a small local community, so as to provide a communal space for medical, sporting and social services. The centre also functions as a meeting place allowing locals to interact, relax and have fun.



The village of Tollebeek lacked suitable facilities to sufficiently meet the healthcare, sporting and social needs of its inhabitants. So locals availed of an opportunity presented by the construction of a new school gym - to ensure that the final building be more multi-functional in its structure and capacity. This project engaged the support of the entire community, with over 250 volunteers assisting with fund raising and other activities


The project aims to build a facility that is multi-functional, responding to health, sporting and indeed social needs of local inhabitants. A strong focus is placed on the likely impact of this facility on the community welfare of local citizens, leading to an overall improvement in quality of life and social inclusion. In essence, this community centre will become the social and sporting hub of the community.

Main activities

The project will see the completed construction of a multi-functional building to include the following facilities: 1) Facilities for physical education and sport clubs (incl. outdoor facilities); 2) A social/meeting centre with cafeteria; 3) Several smaller units for medical and paramedical practicioners and/or other small group activities.

Results & Benefits

The project was well supported by the local municipality and its importance as in terms of community development has been widely recognised. It has received sound financial aid and benefited from the engagement of numerous volunteers. In fact, an array of services and assistance with construction were provided voluntarily, all of which has added to the sense of community spirit amongst locals.

Lessons learnt

It is important to differentiate at an early stage, work which can be completed successfully by volunteers alone, and where the engagement of professionals is warranted. In terms of project management, there is little difference between a project centred on voluntary action and a commercial real-estate project. However, when working with volunteers, the importance of effective human relations is more apparant.

Project location and other information

Village Tollebeek, in the province of Flevoland, the Netherlands



RDP Territory


Total project cost (€)

1 070 070

EAFRD contribution (€)

500 000

National contribution (€)

500 000

Private contribution (€)

70 070

Contact name

Mr Henk Jansen



Languages for contact

English, Dutch

At a glance



Final beneficiary type


Budget range

> €500 000

Start date:


End Date:


Theme / Measure:

• Implementing the LEADER Approach
• Implementing local development strategies
• 413. Quality of life/diversification


Healthcare, Rural society, Cooperation, Sport, Village facilities

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