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Federation of Associations for Hunting and Conservation of the EU - FACE


FACE seeks to promote hunting in accordance with the principles of sustainable use of natural resources and biodiversity conservation.

FACE's main objectives are:

  • to promote hunting, in accordance with the principle of wise and sustainable use of natural resources, as a tool for rural development, for conservation of wildlife and biodiversity and for conservation, improvement and restoration of wildlife habitats;
  • to defend and to represent the collective interests of its members at the level of the European and international institutions.

Structure, key stakeholders and partners

FACE is an international non-profit making created in 1977. FACE represents its Full Members, which are national hunters’ associations from 38 countries from the Member States of the European Union and other Council of Europe countries, as well as its Associate Members at the level of the European Institutions. FACE has been a member of the World Conservation Union (IUCN) since 1987, and more recently of Wetlands International.

Priorities and activities

FACE has regular contacts with the 736 Members of the European Parliament and works in particular close collaboration with MEPs taking part in the Sustainable Hunting, Biodiversity Countryside Activities & Forestry Intergroup. FACE is recognised by the European Commission as the main discussion partner, representing Europe's 7 million hunters, and is consulted by the relevant Directorate-General during the elaboration and monitoring of EU legislation dealing with hunting, wildlife management, nature conservation, firearms, wild animal health, game meat hygiene, etc.

The Council of Europe has granted FACE observer status at the meetings of the Standing Committee of the Bern Convention. FACE also takes active part at its Expert Groups and has already organised several wildlife expert meetings for the Council of Europe. It also works closely with its NATUROPA Centre, to gather and distribute information about nature conservation issues, and to raise awareness among European citizens.

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