Contact Point

The ENRD Contact Point (CP) is one of the two support units facilitating the work of the European Network for Rural Development (ENRD), along with the European Evaluation Helpdesk for Rural Development.


Based in Brussels, a core permanent team of the Contact Point is complemented by a larger group of experts, offering knowledge and facilitation in a wide range of rural development fields. In particular, the CP provides support in the following areas:


RDP knowledge development 

The ENRD CP provides detailed analysis of policy, programmes and important rural development topics ranging from short supply chains to greening the rural economy and LEADER/CLLD to social inclusion. 

Specific outputs from the RDP knowledge development work include: 

  • RDP summaries highlighting selected content of each national and regional Rural Development Programme. 
  • Partnership Agreement factsheets reflecting how each Member State sees the interaction between different EU policies and Funds (with a special focus on the EAFRD). 
  • Thematic work, including the creation of Thematic Working Groups of key rural development stakeholders, the organisation of Seminars and workshops, and the production of thematic publications and other information materials. 
  • Good practices in project implementation aiming to encourage the transfer of practicable approaches. 
  • EAFRD Project Brochures collecting case studies of projects funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) on a particular theme. 
  • EU Rural Review, the ENRD’s principal thematic publication, presenting the latest knowledge on particular rural development topics. 


Networking and exchange 

The ENRD CP organises a series of meetings and events to bring rural development stakeholders together and enable exchanges of knowledge and experience. These networking events include: 

  • National Rural Networks’ (NRNs) meetings providing platforms for exchange between Member States and between the European and national levels. 
  • European Seminars bringing together a broad range of stakeholders to discuss on particular rural development topics. 
  • Capacity-building workshops aimed at improving technical delivery of the RDPs. 



The ENRD CP uses a range of communication tools both to circulate the latest knowledge and information around the network and to encourage and enable dialogue between stakeholders. 

  • Monthly newsletter provides all the latest ENRD and rural development news. 
  • Rural Connections, the ENRD’s networking magazine, brings together the voices of rural development stakeholders from across Europe. 
  • The ENRD Social Media channels provide platforms for two-way communication with a broad range of stakeholders. Join the online debate on: