Odlingsakademien - Cultivation Academy in Sweden

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A LEADER-funded knowledge transfer project about vegetable cultivation, aiming to increase the sustainability and resilience of local communities.

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Project summary: 

The Astrid Lindgrens Hembygd Local Action Group identified a growing interest in locally produced food among the inhabitants of its territory. In order to respond to this demand for a more sustainable way of life, the LAG organised a series of knowledge transfer and information actions on vegetable production.

Project results: 

More than 500 people from across all six municipalities of the LAG area participated in the Cultivation Academy's activities.

A total of 140 posts have been published on the blog, which has 165 subscribers. It has had 22 000 views so far and about 13 000 visitors.

The project created a resource of useful tips and examples that are available to everyone on its blog.