Installation of a net to protect fruit orchards against natural threats

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Installing a net to reduce the risk of damage from natural threats such as hail, torrential rains, birds and insects.

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Project summary: 

In the area of the municipality of Pavel Banya, agricultural production is often affected by natural threats. Hail storms are common every year, causing damages to crops and large financial losses to farmers.  During the summer torrential rains, combined with strong winds, are also very common. Orchards are also vulnerable to attacks from birds and insects.

RDP support financed the installation of an anti-hail net over existing perennial crops of cherries and plums. The process involved installing the protective net along with support infrastructure.

Project results: 

The anti-hail net will protect the orchards from hail, strong winds and heavy rains, thus greatly reducing production risks;

The net will provide some shade to reduce sunburn on the fruit and allow for better colouring.

The good commercial appearance and increased production volume will bring better prices for the producer.

One full-time job was created to support the day-to-day work at the holding.