Destination “Pottery Village”

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The initiative reveals how various sources of funding can be used in a synergistic way to capitalise upon local resources and tackle unemployment sustainably.

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Project summary: 

‘Pottery Village’ is a social enterprise covering production, commercial and service activities to stimulate the local economy and provide opportunities for unemployed people in rural north-east Poland.
Local actors stimulated the project activities, which include the training of unemployed people and investment in technical infrastructure and facilities to cultivate handicraft traditions and create innovative tourism products.

Project results: 

• The Pottery Village employs ten full time employees.
• Every year there are around 12 000 visitors including tourists and study groups.
• Vocational and theoretical training for 108 unemployed people out of which 76 found a job.
• The project is a good example of how to create business, use local resources and animate inhabitants to support social actions.