Construction of a cold-store facility by the Hanság-Fertőmenti Cooperative

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A fruit and vegetables producing cooperative used RDP support to expand its cold storage capacity in order to better respond to market trends.

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Project summary: 

The co-operative Hanság-Fertőmenti sells fruit and vegetables produced by its members. The co-operative could provide long-term storage for only a small amount of its 6.000 tonnes of produced goods. By building a new cold store, the co-operative  can now store 450 tonnes of products.

A cold store facility using ULO technology was built consisting of seven refrigeration chambers, including a manipulation space, a container, a wrapping warehouse and a socialising space. As part of the project, solar panels were installed on the roof of the building with a capacity of 50 kW to ensure the cold store's energy needs.

Project results: 

The investment allows the cooperative to fully respond to year-round market demand for products.

The amount of food waste generated was considerably reduced owing to adequate cooling and storage.

Due to the increased market demand, the co-operative was able create at least four new jobs.

Sales revenues increased by 50%.