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Actors Media territorial 2.0 : To change scale to open and strengthen the experience d'échelle pour ouvrir et renforcer l'expérience locale

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Actors Media territorial 2.0 : To change scale to open and strengthen the experience d'échelle pour ouvrir et renforcer l'expérience locale
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We are looking for structure (s) carrying media project or communication / information actions. They can have very diverse audiences and information actions.

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An information and networking medium.
The Actors' Media is a participative project to make the link between the inhabitants and / or actors of the Grand Briançonnais (companies, associations, communities, collectives and citizens of the North of Hautes-Alpes department and of Provence – Alpes – Côte d’Azur region).
The main objective is to network and facilitate cooperation between "local" actors, through facilitation techniques and concrete information tools : A monthly newsletter, participative workshops, an annual newspaper and events organized by the network of actors. They allow :

- the appropriation of the information and the environmental and social issues of the territory,
- the expression of the ways actions in response to these challenges,
- collaboration, with each other, all "universes" combined.

The final ambition is to be a "spark of cooperation" to encourage residents and local actors to jointly shape a territory in transition.
(see the project presentation sheet :

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After 2 years of experience, a dynamic network structured, the Actors Media team wishes to perpetuate the solid foundations of the work in progress.
The ideas for the evolution of the project for the next two years are :

- training of volunteers and local actors in journalistic writing
- the creation of a digital platform for resources and diagnostics
- the sustainability of the Actors Media project in progress and its evolution
- the creation of tools to measure and enhance the impact of network animation on the development and transition of a territory
- collaboration with a structure or network of information actors

We are convinced that the best ways to evolve are to learn and collaborate with neighbors :

- we want to bring our experience and our skills
- we wish to learn with a structure from another territory and gain skills in the creation of media products, the sustainability of a participative media and the techniques for spreading networking.


A experience to share

The strength of this project is to be a real collective action with participative animation. It is co-constructed by the volunteers of the steering group (all the inhabitants and / or local actors interested) and in consultation with the users (readers and local partners). This project responds to the information and networking needs of local actors and to the specific challenges of the territory.

A desire to cooperate
The ambition of the coming years for this collective project is now to share its experience and enrich itself with the experience of different media and structures.

It may be possible to envisage joint training, common actions and events (participatory information workshop, writing workshop for media, shared communication strategy, etc.).