Lake Peipus Festival 2017

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A cooperation project was set up between 4 LAGs and 1 FLAG to promote local heritage and stimulate the local economy around a lake area.

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Project summary: 

Lake Peipus Festival is an itinerant cultural event. Over a period of 8-10 days each summer, a fleet of boats sails from the northern end to the southern end of the lake; stopping every day in a different port. Participants are invited to experience local culture, heritage and gastronomy in a variety of creative ways. Following a successful trial-run of the initiative,  a cooperation project was set up between four LAGs and one FLAG in order to upscale the event by helping to cover the marketing, communication and organisational costs.

Project results: 

The Lake Peipus Festival is now a well-established local event, accepted and supported by the lake communities.

At each port, 150-500 visitors participated in the festival activities. Kolkja port was the most popular: attracting an audience of about 500 people.

The number of boats participating in the festival fleet increased by 10 compared to the first year.

Festival participant figures were also up by 50%.

The project has raised awareness about the culture and heritage of the Peipsi region.