Expanding the Uuskaubi herb business in Estonia

A small Estonian organic farm used EAFRD funding to scale up its production of herbs by investing in new machinery and upgrading buildings to help the business to grow.

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Project summary: 

An organic herb farm in Estonia wanted to increase its production and market new products such as dandelion coffee and different herb mixtures. The work was overly labour-intensive as they lacked key farm machinery such as a mill and tractor. Their buildings also needed renovating. They also wanted to redesign their products.

The farm used EAFRD funding to buy new machinery as well as upgrade their buildings so they have an area for production and another for packaging. They refitted the rooms with economical heating, water supplies, lighting and ventilation. They also collaborated with a professional designer to redesign their packaging.

Project results: 

Renovated buildings to create two quality workspaces for processing and packing the herbal products.

Can now provide packing services to other companies.

Sales of products increased, while six new companies buy their products (a range of almost 100).

They improved their storage capacities (e.g. collected and dried 105kg of mint this year compared to 67kg last year).