Collaborate for the landscape: dry-stone constructions

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Promoting the use of a landscape feature, as it is the dry-stone constructions, to stimulate territorial development.

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Project summary: 

Dry-stone constructions are not only a valuable cultural heritage element, but also one that has become part of the identity of rural Catalonian and other Mediterranean landscapes. This initiative, financed as a LEADER cooperation project, gives the value that these landscape features deserve, and puts in place tools for citizens to, in a collaborative way,transform this cultural richness in a driver for rural development and economic prosperity of these rural areas.

Project results: 
  • 84 people participated in the workshops;
  • 20 people linked to the dry-stone profession participated in the trans-border study trip to France;
  • The App for consulting and cataloguing dry-stone constructions is continuously used, and new elements are constantly being updated in the “Wikipedra”;
  • published the manual “Landscape, Rural Development and Citizenship” featuring 10 examples where landscape management was used to add value in an area.