Bonita - Introducing a new, resistant club variety of apples in Slovenia

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Slovenian apple producers introduce new and popular eco-friendly variety.

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Project summary: 

A new variety of apple with lower input costs from fewer agri-chemical requirements was introduced and successfully promoted by a producer group of Slovenian farmers. This ‘Bonita’ apple variety became popular with consumers and CAP funding helped this happen through supporting new production technology, storage, and marketing, throughout the value chain.

Project results: 

Thanks to this project, new plantations of ‘Bonita’ apples were planted across 40 ha in three Slovenian regions.

More than 200 Slovenian fruit growers participated in knowledge transfer events and workshops, which were delivered by Slovenian fruit growing associations and experts.

The variety has achieved higher prices and brought higher incomes to its producers. It is also associated with lower input costs due to a 20% lower use of plant protection products.

Demand for the variety currently exceeds supply.