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LEADER events

ENRD Workshop on LEADER Innovation (30/11/2017) 

Capitalising CLLD Experiences - Building Resilient Local Communities (8-10/11/2017)

ENRD Workshop on Improving LEADER Implementation through Practitioner-led Work (1-06/2017)

ENRD Workshop on Extending LEADER Innovation (22/03/2017)

Achieving Results the CLLD Way: Putting the Method to Work (7-8/12/2016) 

ENRD workshop on LEADER Cooperation (14/06/2016)

ENRD workshop on LEADER/CLLD and Networking in Support of Social Inclusion (17/03/2016)

ENRD workshop on Umbrella Projects in LEADER/CLLD (15/02/2016)

ENRD workshop on Simplified Cost Options in LEADER/CLLD (19/01/2016)


ENRD Recommendations for improved LEADER implementation


Other useful documents

  • CLLD Factsheet, DG REGIO [PDF ]
  • DG AGRI Guide for Application of the LEADER Axis of the Rural Development Programmes 2007-2013 funded by the EAFRD (revised version 2011): [PDFбългарскибългарскибългарски]
  • A basic guide "The LEADER approach" Factsheet (2006): [PDFбългарски]
  • Special Report N.5 of the European Court of Auditors: Implementation of the LEADER approach for rural development (2010) [PDF ]


Publications on LEADER

  • For ENRD publications on LEADER in the 2014-2020 programming period, visit the ‘Publicationssection.
  • You can find publications on LEADER in the 2007-2013 programming period here.


"LEADER forward" video - the LEADER approach to rural development (2012)

Historical Resources