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This Projects Brochure looks at how Rural Development Programmes (RDPs) have been accompanying rural youth and supporting their innovative ideas, engagement and participation.

The publication highlights the role of rural youth in providing ideas, inspiration and energy to imagine, create and grasp opportunities for stronger, more connected, resilient and prosperous rural areas.

This edition of Rural Connections includes updates on the work of the ENRD in recent months, including new Thematic Groups and events.

Rural development stakeholders from across the EU share their views and experiences with successful projects that are breathing new life into EU's rural areas.

This is the highlights report of the 1st Thematic Group meeting on Making the seven LEADER principles work in practice for all LAGs under the CAP Strategic Plans which took place on 10 March 2022.

The meeting was organised to facilitate discussion and exchanges between the TG members for a common understanding of the seven LEADER principles.


(c) European Union 2021

This edition focuses on Rural Vision Week, a five-day interactive online conference focused on involving stakeholders with preparations for a long-term vision for the future of EU rural areas.

Rural development stakeholders from across Europe look at the future of their territories and of rural Europe, sharing their views on the role of rural youth, the importance of broadband development and the use of LEADER to support cultural projects.

This is the highlights report of the ENRD Seminar 'LEADER - 30 years and preparing for the future' (3 June 2021).

The workshop explored LEADER’s positive, long-term impacts in rural areas and discussed how its added-value can be maximised in the future through better partnerships, local development strategies, and local projects and initiatives under the CAP Strategic Plans. 

An economy that puts people and the planet first is highly relevant to rural areas, where it can improve access to basic services, create jobs and foster social inclusion while promoting the digital and green transition.

This edition of the EU Rural Review explores the main features of the social economy, highlighting its relevance for European rural areas and European policy objectives (including the EU Green Deal, the European Pillar of Social Rights and the Digital Agenda for Europe). 

(c) European Union 2021

This edition focuses on how to communicate successfully about rural development projects, based on the NRN's work and the Rural Inspiration Awards.

Articles by rural development stakeholders across Europe range from social farming to LEADER enhancing a Greek island’s intangible cultural heritage, to the state of the digital transition in rural areas.

This is the highlights report of the 19th National Rural Networks Meeting held on 11 February 2021.

The meeting focussed on discussing the role of NRNs in supporting and promoting the transnational cooperation (TNC) action of Local Action Groups (LAGs) and the crossborder cooperation of EIP-AGRI Operational Groups (OGs).