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Development of entrepreneurship based on local resources

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Development of entrepreneurship based on local resources
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Polish partners are two LAGs:
The Three Rivers Land LAG (LGD Kraina Trzech Rzek), and Czarnkowsko – Trzcianecka LAG which operates in the north part of Wielkopolska region, nearby the voivodship city of Poznań.
In our area, entrepreneurs and people who want to start a business are highly active. Despite this trend and closeness to a big city, women, youth, and the elderly are still disadvantaged. It is difficult for them to start and run their own business.

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This project aims at exchange of good practices in the scope of undertaking a business company and developing entrepreneurship in rural areas. It is directed especially to representatives of disadvantaged groups – the unemployed women, the young and seniors. Our aim is to promote starting up a business based on local resources – such as restaurants, small museums, regional products.


Our goal is to support new entrepreneurs, especially from the disadvantaged groups in developing or running their own business by inspiring, showing perspectives and innovational ways of conducting companies based on local resources.
Within this project good practices of running a company will be presented, especially those that are connected to local resources.
We propose the following activities:
study visits to partners,
visit to companies that started and developed thanks to LEADER funds,
workshops on planning company development based on knowledge gained during previous parts of project.
Our target group are disfavored citizens of our region – especially unemployed women, the youth, and seniors.