Food and Drink Supply Chains

‘Food and Drink Supply Chains’ is one of the sub-themes of the ENRD thematic work on ‘Smart and Competitive Rural Areas’. It relates directly to Priority 3 of EU Rural Development policy on “promoting food chain organisation, including processing and marketing of agricultural products, animal welfare and risk management in agriculture”.


Key topics covered within this sub-theme were:

  • Adding value along the supply chain;
  • Retaining added value in rural areas;
  • Expanding rural markets and the creation of ‘rural destinations’;
  • Food policies and access to urban markets;
  • Access to the market for public food;
  • Smart specialisation approaches.


Work on this sub-theme has included the following elements:

Thematic Group

Case studies

  • Basque Country (Spain) [PDF ENRD Magazine - Autumn 2015 - 13 Mb]
  • Estonia [PDF ENRD Magazine - Autumn 2015 - 13 Mb
  • Ireland [PDF ENRD Magazine - Autumn 2015 - 13 Mb
  • Scotland [PDF ENRD Magazine - Autumn 2015 - 13 Mb

European Seminar

  • ‘Forging the Links - connecting RDP support to the Food & Drink Supply Chain’ 26 May 2016

EU Rural Review No.22


Further information: