Resource Efficiency

‘Resource Efficiency’ is the current sub-theme of ENRD thematic work on ‘Greening the Rural Economy’.

A Thematic Group (TG) will be working on this topic from September 2016 to July 2017. The focus of the TG is on identifying ways to improve the resource-efficient use of soils and water through the national and regional Rural Development Programmes (RDPs).

The 1st TG meeting identified three key topics to be covered within the sub-theme:

  • Water use efficiency;
  • Soil and nutrient management;
  • Soil conservation and carbon sequestration.

The 2nd TG meeting explored the extent to which a motivation gap, a policy gap or an implementation gap was the main obstacle to be overcome in various areas of activity related to the resource-efficient economy. This work helped define the main areas of interest for conducting a screening and analysis of the RDPs and identifying good practice examples in the field.

The 3rd TG meeting discussed emerging findings in relation to the contribution of the Rural Development Programmes (RDPs) to resource efficiency objectives, and considered the format of the final TG outputs. The TG focused on scoping commonalities and different approaches to the motivation, policy and implementation gaps emerging from case studies.

The 4th TG meeting reflected on emerging conclusions from the case study and good example analysis and discussed how they could be scaled up at EU level.

In addition, the TG addresses cross-cutting issues such as: communicating the benefits of resource-efficient approaches; knowledge transfer; digitalisation; improving links within and between administrations.

Find out more about the work of the Thematic Group in the following documents:
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