Smart Villages Toolkit

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Thematic briefings

Smart Villages and Rural Mobility

This thematic briefing is focusing on rural mobility, aiming to highlight factors and conditions to be taken into account when designing the future policies to ensure that Smart Villages strategies enable rural communities to design and test mobility solutions.

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Orientations for policy-makers and implementers

How to support Smart Villages strategies which effectively empower rural communities?

This briefing document offers some preliminary orientations on how to support Smart Villages – both in the current programming period (2014-2020) and, more significantly, in the framework of the post-2020 Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) programming period.

It is targeted mainly at national and regional policy-makers and implementers to help them put in place both rural and regional policies which enable rural communities to respond to the challenges they face.

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How can LEADER/CLLD support Smart Villages?

This briefing document explores the potential role of LEADER/CLLD in supporting the Smart Villages concept, assessing the current LEADER/CLLD implementation barriers identified by LAGs and presenting recommendations on how these barriers can be overcome to fully exploit the potential of Smart Villages at the local level.

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Using non-LEADER/CLLD cooperation to support Smart Villages

This briefing document specifically explores the potential role of non-LEADER/CLLD cooperation for supporting Smart Villages. It has been developed by interpreting guidance and experiences from previous programming periods in the context of the Commission’s proposal for a Regulation on ‘CAP Strategic Plans’ for the period 2021-2027.

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How to ensure that digital strategies benefit rural communities?

This briefing document looks at how digital strategies, that are being developed at different levels across Europe, can benefit rural communities. Digitisation can be a powerful force for change – as long as it is adapted to the rural context and implemented with the involvement of rural communities themselves.

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Business models for rural services

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Co-designing and co-planning village services

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