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March 2014

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Highlight of the month: Youth on the move
Story of the month: Towards good practices 2.0
NRN of the month: The United Kingdom
Project of the month: Scottish mountain areas

27 March 2014: Youth & Young Farmers Workshop Video

See what happened when some young farmers met together to share their ideas about the future of rural areas.

24 March 2014: ENRD on Twitter

The ENRD now has 800 followers on Twitter! Thank you for supporting the online European rural community.

20 March 2014: 21st NRN Meeting and Peer-to-Peer training

The on ‘Understanding NRN evaluation and self-assessment’ will be held in Cumbria, England, on 6-8 May 2014.

18 March 2014: CAP Reform’s delegated acts

The European Commission has adopted the first package of delegated acts of the CAP Reform. The delegated acts supplement the four basic Regulations and include rules regarding support for rural development.

14 March 2014: Conference on Family Farming in the EU

In the context of the International Year of Family Farming 2014, the European Parliament is organising a conference on family farming in the European Union on 18 March.

12 March 2014: CAP Glossary

Know your PO (Producer Organisation) from your PDO (Protected Designation of Origin)? Wonder no more. The recently updated CAP glossary of terms has all the answers.

6 March 2014: Slovenian LEADER in action documentaries

There’s a bear in the village again! Just one of the surprises in store from a great new series of documentaries highlighting the diversity of the LEADER approach in Slovenia.

3 March 2014: Expo Milan 2015

Share your experience! Join the Expo Milano 2015 competition on best sustainable development practices on food security.