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January 2013

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Highlight of the month: Strengthening rural-urban links
Story of the month: The added value of networking
NRN of the month: The French National Rural Network
Project of the month: Revitalising the Cosenza fig!

28 January 2013: Social media discussion on opENRD

Is social media helping you to engage better with rural development communities? Join the opENRD conversation about social media that is taking place right now!

23 January 2013: OPEN DAYS

The OPEN DAYS 2012 concluding report [PDF] is now available. It includes summaries of the DG AGRI/ENRD workshops and plenty of information about Community-Led Local Development (CLLD)...

21 January 2013: ENRD Magazine – latest edition now available!

The winter edition of the ENRD Magazine is now available! Enjoy stunning Images of Rural Europe, read all about the added value of networking and how rural mountain areas are working to attract young people. The magazine also provides a round-up of NRN and LEADER activities, as well as inspiring examples of how the EAFRD is making rural development happen all around Europe.

21 January 2013: ENRD supports Technical Assistance and Information Exchange (TAIEX) in Croatia

The ENRD will explain how Croatian LAGs can benefit from European networking as part of a series of workshops on LEADER being organised by TAIEX in Croatia this week...

18 January 2013: Rural Review #12 available in six languages

Issue 12 of the EU Rural Review - about how RDPs contribute to the promotion of local food production and short supply chains - is now available in six languages!

16 January 2013: ENRD Magazine – Autumn Edition 2012

Don’t forget, the ENRD Magazine is available in English, French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish! Each edition is packed with stunning Images of Rural Europe and insight from the European rural development community.

14 January 2013: The ENRD participates in International Green Week

Farmers and rural entrepreneurs will join the ENRD at DG AGRI’s stand in Berlin to demonstrate rural development policy in action at International Green Week - the major food, agriculture and horticulture fair which begins on 18 January...

10 January 2013: Smartphone application for farmers on the CRD Gateway

Get inspired by great examples of rural development communication - such as a smartphone application that supports farmers - on the CRD Gateway. The application’s user-friendly interface provides users with a single information source containing eight major themes of interest.

9 January 2013: New Portuguese NRN magazine

The first issue of the new Portuguese NRN magazine ‘emRede’ is now available! The publication is driving awareness of what’s going on in rural areas around Portugal and it contributes to a greater understanding of rural development initiatives and ideas.