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“Where was it, there it was ....” a Slovak and Czech Cooperation Project


This transnational project focused on tourism and made use of the complementary strengths of LAG resources in two regions to improve the tourism 'offer' in both, with suites of activities based on different aspects of cultural heritage.



The potential of LAGs “Lev” and "Rýmařovsko" had never been used to boost the economic development related to tourism. Both regions had experience in the provision of tourist activities and services, such as the organisation of cultural events in the LAG Lev and the construction of cycling trails in the LAG Rýmařovsko. The two LAGs decided to cooperate and exchange their experiences and complementary strengths to make their regions more attractive and create new sources of income for local communities through a comprehensive strategy.

Common Objectives

The main objective of this cooperation project was to stimulate the development of rural tourism by increasing the attractiveness of the two LAG territories with a focus on the promotion of local culture and the mobilization of human and cultural potential in the area. With the efficient use of local resources the specific aims of the project were to create new tourist attractions and to better promote the already existing ones.

Main Joint Activities

The main activities of the project focused on the preparation of new educational routes and trails and on the renovation of the existing ones to promote tourism in the regions as well as local folk art by organizing various events in small villages, such as hunting and forestry activities, cooking competitions and music festivals. Promotional materials were also prepared and disseminated, including brochures on the educational paths and trails, DVDs and the development of a tailor made game.

Results and Transferability

The exchange of experiences between the two LAGs resulted in the adoption and utilisation of new tools to promote tourism, which proved to be rather successful particularly in attracting the attention of the younger generation on local traditions and culture. This interest resulted in the creation of other informal networks between local people and in the organisation of activities.

Lessons learnt

This project proved two main elements, namely: i) If the partners know each other and have worked together it can be highly beneficial and efficient for both parties to implement a transnational cooperation project; ii) marketing is a very important tool to achieve goals in tourism, but it must be recognised that it is necessary to devote large amounts of time, money, human potential, and creativity in developing active promotion.

Project location and other information

The regions involved in the implementation of the cooperation project are Prešovský kraj in East Slovakia and the west Morava in the Slezian region, in Czech Republic.

Total project cost (€)

101 087

EAFRD contribution (€)

75 978

National contribution (€)

18 994

Private contribution (€)

6 114

Contact name

Andrea Hradiská and Katarína Pjatáková


+ 421 53 46 99 065

Languages for contact

English, Slovak

At a glance


Slovakia, Czech Republic

Number of Partners


Final beneficiary type

Local Action Group, Other

Budget range

€100 000 - €500 000

Start date:


End Date:


Theme / Measure:

• Implementing the LEADER Approach
• Co-operation projects
• 421. Implementing co-operation projects


Rural heritage, Rural tourism, Cultural heritage, Leader, Education

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