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Fantastic for Families - from Burgenland to Saxonia


This transnational cooperation project promotes the collaborative development and expansion of local services offering recreational activities for families and children living in two Leader regions of Austria and Germany.



The implementing partnership, comprising of “Burg Forchtenstein Fantastisch - Verein für Kultur und Wissen zum Angreifen” (Castle Forchtenstein Fantastic – Association for culture and knowledge one can touch) and the local community of Triebischtal, launched this joint initiative to develop and expand the local service offer for families and children, thus contributing to the revitalization and sustained strengthening of the partner areas from Burgenland (Austria) and Saxonia (Germany).

Common Objectives

In supporting the project promoters, the partnering Local Action Groups aim to facilitate the exchange of experience, information about and the collaborative development & expansion of local services offering recreational activities for families living in the two regions. The specific aims pursued by both Leader areas include: i) enhanced marketing activity; ii) job creation (with due regard to equal opportunities) and sustained impetus for future employment; iii) increased added value. In addition, the transnational cooperation (TNC) project's programme pays special attention to the ecological conditions and resources of both areas.

Main Joint Activities

Mutual visits (December 2010; June 2011) to local historical venues served to share knowledge & experience with events linked to the medieval theme. Since then the partnership has been collaborating closely to integrate respective recreational offers programmed for 2012 (Triebischtal's Open Mills Day; Forchtenstein Festival and Chestnut Festival), involving e.g. knight performances, fantasy story telling, as well as the development of a Saxonia/Burgenland dictionary & a joint advertising mascot.

Results and Transferability

In accordance with the project's slogan "optimize similarities & benefit from differences" the partners used the joint experience gathered so far to locally continue and refine their service offer. For the period remaining up to the completion of the project, the partnership intends to intesify and expand its joint activity to develop concepts complementing their current leisure offers with new additional features and activities for families. Both LAGs expressed their appreciation for the project's progress, saying they were impressed by the partnership's professional efforts to work jointly towards the achievement of the project objectives.

Lessons learnt

Given its important budget volume, “Fantastic for Families” was the first “major” transnational cooperation project implemented under Leader in both the federal states of Burgenland and Saxonia. The authorities involved in the approval and monitoring therefore expected the project's implementation to turn into a constant learning process, with results providing future similar projects with useful examples of transnational cooperation practice.

Project location and other information

Forchtenstein (Burgenland, Austria), Triebischtal (Sachsen, Germany). Further information and a short movie about the Austrian partner's visit to Triebischtal's Open Mills Day 2011 can be found at: https://www.meissen-fernsehen.de/vermischtes/Es_klappert_die_Muehle-3284.html

Total project cost (€)

2 163 841

EAFRD contribution (€)

1 463 921

National contribution (€)

320 000

Private contribution (€)

379 920

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Gerhard Krammer


+43 664 300 6665

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English, German

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Germany, Austria

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Final beneficiary type

Local Action Group, Other

Budget range

> €500 000

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Theme / Measure:

• Implementing the LEADER Approach
• Co-operation projects
• 421. Implementing co-operation projects


Recreation area, Historical site, Leader, Employment, Village renewal

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