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Marviflora - Creating Traditional Portuguese Liqueurs


The Marviflora liqueurs are produced on the basis of the farm products from the region and using old family recipes. The result are high quality and exclusive spirituose products.



The idea behind the project was to better utilise existing agricultural high-quality sources, given the excellent climatic conditions for fruit production in the Setúbal Peninsula. There was also a special need for promoting environmentally friendly agricultural production, a desire to rediscover traditional recipes and creating new products on their basis.


The project was aiming at developing new gastronomic product and creating an infrastructure for the production of quality Portuguese traditional liqueurs.

Main activities

The acquisition of the machine equipment allowed for production of high-quality spirits. Within the manufacturing process, a designed laboratory serves to constantly and innovatively improve the products, introducing new ingredients and flavors. The production of liqueurs is also supported by a renewable solar energy system for heating of the industrial hot water circuit (heating of the deposits). The point for sales, exhibition and events was also created.

Results & Benefits

The new equipment allowed for development a high-quality product and increasing profitability of the company. In addition, four new working posts have been created. After having succesfully launched the production of liqueurs, the company decided to extend its facilities for producing jam. The brand was linked to the area of Palmela and integrated with its tourism offer.

Lessons learnt

Customized distribution through one's own means of transport guarantees product quality up to the last stage of the process.

Project location and other information

Palmela, in the Setúbal Peninsula Portugal


Lisboa e Vale do Tejo

RDP Territory


Total project cost (€)

229 543

EAFRD contribution (€)

75 749

National contribution (€)

61 977

Private contribution (€)

91 817

Project website

Contact name

Ângela Gonçalves


265 914 247

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Final beneficiary type


Budget range

€100 000 - €500 000

Start date:


End Date:


Theme / Measure:

• Rural Quality of Life & Economic Diversification
• Rural economic diversification
• 312. Support for business creation and development


Food quality , Fruit, Leader, Enterprise

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