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Improving Gwynedd's Tourist Offer - a Local Approach for a Unique Locality


The 'Gwynedd’s Offer' project added value to Gwynedd’s businesses through improving links in local supply chains and better informing tourists and locals about the surrounding area and local products using signposts and a “Discover Gwynedd” website.


People visit Gwynedd for a variety of reasons; its outstanding countryside, the great diversity of landscapes and environment, its market towns and villages, the opportunities it provides for both quiet and adventurous activities, its cultural events and history, and its renowned array of wildlife. This project was born as an initiative to highlight these unique selling points of Gwynedd focusing on its environmental qualities and local products.


A number of interlinked objectives were identified for this project in order to make the most of Gwynedd’s environment, wildlife, and local assets. These were to: i) provide information for tourists and local people on accommodation, local walking trails, local history and heritage sites, and cultural events and festivals; ii) increase local products through quality design and marketing; iii) increase local tourism and encourage residents to buy locally.

Main activities

The project operated with four main activities: i) assisting and signposting local producers (food, crafts and creative industries, and wood) in Gwynedd; ii) promoting local supply chains and increasing their effectiveness by making new links between producers, suppliers, retailers, restaurants, hotels, etc.; iii) working with local communities (rural post offices, shops, hotels, etc.) to develop rural tourist information points and outlets; iv) establishing Wildlife Information Points.

Results & Benefits

The web ‘signposting’ of local producers to tourists and local people alike has increased ‘traffic’ to these businesses. The information points set up and the events and activities staged showcasing the best of Gwynedd's Mountains, Woods & Rivers, and Coast & Sea allowed tourists to discover more of Gwynedd and in turn has helped a larger number of rural communities to benefit from tourism. Finally the links forged between local supply chains supported an increase of local consumption.

Lessons learnt

Adding value to unique local characteristics should encompass local products, services, and landscapes with the participation of local communities in order to maximise economic benefits. I.e. an holistic approach can work. Projects like this can benefit from drawing people into a spectacular landscape not merely as travellers but also informing and inspiring them to explore and truly discover the surrounding areas.

Project location and other information

Gwynedd, NorthWest Wales.



RDP Territory


Total project cost (€)

811 700

EAFRD contribution (€)

638 400

National contribution (€)

50 180

Private contribution (€)

123 120

Contact name

Dylan Griffiths, Gwynedd Council on behalf of Gwynedd Economic Partnership


+44 1286 679628

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United Kingdom

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Budget range

> €500 000

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Theme / Measure:

• Rural Quality of Life & Economic Diversification
• Rural economic diversification
• 313. Encouragement of tourism activities


Quality of life, Rural tourism, Local development strategy, Tourism, Natural environment

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