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Delivering Environmental Care In Walmore Through The Integrated Local Delivery Model


The agri-environment scheme in Walmore was implemented using the integrated local delivery model (ILD), based on working in partnership with the local community, therefore empowering and enabling local communities to collectively manage their area.


Walmore Common is an area of international importance in terms of geology (lowland submerged peat) and ecology (overwintering swans and nesting of wading birds). Using an innovative community-based, co-management approach (Integrated Local Delivery (ILD) model), the Walmore Common Management Group was created to promote a shared vision and collective responsibility for the management of the area. As a result of shared environmental awareness, landowners subscribed to the agri-environment scheme


The overall aim is to enable local communities to be able to look after their environment with all partners working in support to deliver EU directives on the ground. The ILD in the implementation of the agri-environment scheme is linked to the local administrative structure (parish council) to give the community long term involvement in environmental protection of their local area, thus protect biodiversity.

Main activities

The main activities funded with the agri-environment scheme for effective land management included infrastructure to allow local management through grazing with cattle, water level management and supply and ditching. These were implemented by the Walmore Common Management Group using the ILD to protect this special area for Buick swans and breeding waders whose numbers are in decline.

Results & Benefits

The ILD pieces the landscape together farm by farm and parish by parish, like a jigsaw, so as to achieve multi-objective delivery from farm to parish, to district, to region to country. The process enables managers to scope everything that can be delivered in that administrative parcel, communicate with and inspire inhabitants and deliver in a participative manner. The end result is a landscape scale process in Walmore that is delivering far more than just the management of designated areas.

Lessons learnt

Many people are overwhelmed at the environmental issues facing the world. This mechanism enables them to look after the bit they live near and unpicks the complexity of governance to enable them to do that. The integrated delivery model is a very simple and powerful model but requires high facilitation skills and linking various strategic frameworks. By linking the administrative areas in the landscape you can achieve landscape scale delivery.

Project location and other information

Walmore Common, an important Ramsar wetland, part of the floodplain of the river Severn.


South West (England)

RDP Territory


Total project cost (€)

210 900

EAFRD contribution (€)


Private contribution (€)

148 200

Project website

Contact name

Jenny Phelps


+44 1452 503853

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At a glance


United Kingdom

Final beneficiary type

Individual farmers, Other, Non-governmental organisations

Budget range

€100 000 - €500 000

Start date:


Theme / Measure:

• Environment and Sustainable Resource Management
• Sustainable use of agricultural land
• 214. Agri-environment payments


Agri-environment, Biodiversity, Landscape, Wetland, Wildlife

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