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Datenbank der Projekte zur ländlichen Entwicklung

Barefoot Walking Path and Pavillion


Innovative agri-tourism project in the Netherlands - a 'barefoot' walking path, allowing visitors to ‘feel’ the special characteristics of the earth beneath their feet! Additional facilities, also make the experience both educational & historical.



The owners of Hoeve Marant Recreation ( luxury accommodation near the owner's farm) wished to expand their service, so as to also provide recreational accomodation and facilities for 'day trippers'. However, they also wanted to combine this with a means of promoting the unique history of Noordoostpolder.


The main objective of the project was the development and maintenance of an agri-tourism business which optimised opportunities for combining recreation and tourism with nature and agriculture. Specifically, this included construction of unique facilities for day trips so as to offer a wider range of services for day trippers, and attract new visitors to the region and promote its unique history and character.

Main activities

The main activity saw the contruction of a 1.5 km walking path – designed to be walked barefoot. Various sections of the path consist of different soil compositions, and addional facilities also include foot and arm baths, a relaxation area with park benches, an area for 'foot' games etc. A pre-existing pavillion was renovated to provide a suitable reception area for day trippers, comprising an exhibition of historic photographs, maps and documents, and a little corner cafe, for refreshments.

Results & Benefits

The project directly contributes to improving quality of life in the area by through its unique combination of historical and recreational activity. The project also helps to preserve the cultural heritage of this landscape, by celebrating the beauty and character of this agricultural land and its natural surroundings. For tourists, the 'barefoot walk' is both challenging and rewarding and this innovative and interesting aproach to agri-tourism is attracting much media attention.

Lessons learnt

The project opened during the summer of 2010 and since then it has attracted many new visitors the the area. However, the subsidy process was quite lengthy and so the project managers had to provide pre-financing for the project themselves. But with perseverence...comes success!

Project location and other information

Kraggenburg, Flevoland



RDP Territory


Total project cost (€)

178 000

EAFRD contribution (€)

26 700

National contribution (€)

26 700

Private contribution (€)

124 600

Contact name

Marant Recreatie


0031527 - 25 84 17

Languages for contact

English, Dutch

At a glance



Final beneficiary type

Individual farmers

Budget range

€100 000 - €500 000

Start date:


End Date:


Theme / Measure:

• Implementing the LEADER Approach
• Implementing local development strategies
• 413. Quality of life/diversification


Agri-tourism, Recreation area, Citizen participation, Landscape, Cultural heritage

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