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Short Rotation Willow Plantation and Expansion


EAFRD support was used for the modernisation of agricultural holdings for planting short rotation willow sprout and the production of willow biomass as a cheap and high quality alternative to imported biomass.


The enterprise planned to grow short rotation willows and develop non-traditional agriculture through which it would grow energy crops – willow biomass – and increase its competitiveness by promoting renewable energy and high quality production.


The main objective of the project was to increase the farmer's income created by the value added from investing in energy crops such as short rotation willows and the development of alternative and non-traditional plantations. Climate change mitigation has been one of the wider benefits of the project.

Main activities

The main activity of this project was to plant 17,51 ha of a short rotation (5 years) willow sprout to be used for the production of willow biomass.

Results & Benefits

The willow biomass produced is used as an alternative to imported biomass as it is cheaper and in addition is environmentally beneficial.

Lessons learnt

There were couple of challenges to solve. Firstly, the excessive documentation required for the application. The application form is full of unnecessary and sometimes illogical questions. It was difficult to fill it in and professional help was required. Secondly, before starting the project the applicant recommends finding an insurance company which could insure the project, otherwise it might very difficult to find one after the process starts.

Project location and other information

Kaišiadorys Discrict Municipality, Lomenių village, Lithuania


Kauno apskritis

RDP Territory


Total project cost (€)

16 914

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Languages for contact

English, Lithuanian

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Final beneficiary type

Producer groups

Budget range

< €20 000

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End Date:


Theme / Measure:

• Competitiveness of Agriculture & Forestry
• Restructuring, developing physical potential, and promoting innovation
• 121. Modernisation of agricultural holdings


Added-value, Biomass, Renewable energy, Timber product

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