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Marketing Tourist Farms in Brkini and Kras


The main focus of this Slovenian project was on increasing joint activities of the communes in the field of marketing of tourist services. Together, they prepared tourist farms for joint marketing initiatives, raising awareness of tourist services.



The area of Brkini and Kras is split into four municipalities and two local communities, however it comprises just one geographic area. This was an occasion to implement a cooperation project, including joint promotion and marketing of tourist farms.


The aim of the project was to join forces to promote tourism farms and thus reduce the overall costs of campaigning separately. The particular objectives considered were to compile of a list of basic tourist services for providers and visitors, to educate on marketing, increase the number of visitors, and to build ties with tourism agencies and other partners.

Main activities

The project was carried out through providing workshops and conferences on the marketing of tourist farms. The joint activities included cooperation with interested farms and tourism agencies on the specification of services, recognisability of area and development of marketing products. Further promotion involved the creation of a joint catalogue in different languages, development of websites, participation in fairs, and advertisements in the media.

Results & Benefits

Tourist farms received proper training and became prepared for joint marketing. Together they developed tourist offerings, a catalogue and further marketing tools. The external promotion was strengthened through participation in the fairs. Additionally, an incoming tourist agency was hired.

Lessons learnt

The main key to the success of the project was cooperation between the partners involved in the project and this will prove crucial for future projects. Providers on the farms were trained to offer tourist products but also to cooperate between themselves. There was also a need for support of the incoming agency. Additionally, it was learnt that special attention should be paid to providing country-specific and indigenous services.

Project location and other information

LAG for Rural Development of the Land between Snežnik and Nanos and LAG of the Karst and Brkini



RDP Territory


Total project cost (€)

17 868

Contact name

Nataša Matevljič



+386 573 44362

Languages for contact

English, German, Italian, Slovene

At a glance



Final beneficiary type

Individual farmers, Other

Budget range

< €20 000

Start date:


End Date:


Theme / Measure:

• Implementing the LEADER Approach
• Co-operation projects
• 421. Implementing co-operation projects


Agri-tourism, Capacity building, Information technology, Rural tourism, Inter-territorial cooperation

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