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Monitoring & Evaluation

Evaluating EAFRD communication activities is absolutely essential. Without feedback from target audiences it is impossible to know if their messages have been meaningful or understood. A carefully planned evaluation strategy will help to identify the activities which are working well and those which may need fine-tuning or more radical adjustment. The ENRD has collected and is currently classifying a selection of useful communication evaluation tools. The tools will shortly be featured in this section of the gateway.

  • Event feedback form - Belgium/Wallonia NRN [PDF ] and [PDF ]
  • Event feedback form 1 – England/UK NRN [PDF ]
  • Event feedback form 2 - England/UK NRN [PDF ]
  • ENRD Communication Tools Report [PDF ]

    This report is based on the survey launched in December 2013 with the purpose of receiving feedback from the ENRD stakeholders regarding their use of ENRD communication products and tools.