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Video presenting a Portuguese project - a private initiative turning an old cork factory into a modern art gallery and cultural space

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    Communications, Entrepreneurship, Exhibition, Innovation, Modernisation, Video, Young people


    Filmed interview with the two entrepreneurs tells the story of how the space - a warehouse of an old cork factory- has been restored and adapted to this new functionality with the support of EFARD funds and with Local Action Group expertise in animation and project planning. The ancient flavor is preserved by using recovered and adapted elements: table squaring, wheel that lifted the cork, iron structure which plunged the cork to bake in the boiler was turned into table; lamps were made with chains and metal strips used in the factory. Big wall photo shows the owner of the old warehouse and the workers who worked here. The old building was refurbished but kept its ancient look. The Warehouse Art Gallery is also a café and tea house, a large space where you can read a magazine or a book, view exhibits and talk. Music, theater, dance, film and poetry are also forms of artistic expression that develop here.

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  • [PT] Mainland
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    Promote innovative entrepreneurial project ideas that add value to the LAG objective for diversifying rural economy. Raise awareness on sustainable projects that brings to rural inhabitants contemporary touch while preserving local specific.

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  • Other rural businesses
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  • NRNs
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    Video; Duration: 7m 49s; Language: Portuguese

    Date produced

    November 2011

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    up to €4 999


    IN LOCO Association - Portugal

    Distribution & Promotion

    IN LOCO Association and National Rural Network

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    IN LOCO Association - Portugal

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    Local Action Group



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    Nelson Domingues


    Avenida da Liberdade, 101
    8150-101 São Brás de Alportel


    (+351) 289 840 860